Hiroshi ARAKI A Software Engineer

Hiroshi ARAKI

Born in 1996. Software Engineer.

Recently, the main development target is Android in Kotlin.

What I love to do is driving, cooking and eat and drink something good.

Sometimes, develop something in my free time.


Mar. 2019 Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, University of Yamanashi, JAPAN.

Mar. 2021 Master of Engineering in Computer Science, University of Yamanashi, JAPAN.


 * @see My LinkedIn Profile


Mar. 2021 Student Encouragement Award of IPSJ 83rd National Convention (PSJ: Information Processing Society of Japan)

Mar. 2021 Outstanding Presentation Award of Master thesis (Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine, Engineering and Agriculture, University of Yamanashi)


My developed Software you can use freely. The most of them are based on Neuroscience because of my research field.

Spiking Neural Networks from Scratch [Ja] The page for SNNS learners.

WEBrainfuck++ [Ja] Brainf*ck interpreter worked on Web page.

Izhikevich Neuron Simulator [Ja] Neuron simulator worked on Web page.

pyBrainfuck Library of Brainf*ck for Python. The core is implemented in C++, so works fast.

SPINE Neuron simulating library for Python.

WrappedBindsNET Header-only Spiking Neural Network simulating library for Python. It's just wrapping BindsNET.

The other projects are released on my GitHub.



Programming (C/C++, Python, Kotlin, Java, PHP, Julia, Brainf*ck, ...)

Android/iOS applications development

Japanese / English?


C/C++ Python Java Kotlin Android HTML5 Brainf*ck

PHP CSS3 Javascript SQL Julia English

Java Servlet JSP R

Ruby Rust Swift CUDA C/C++ Assembly (x86)


Research Keywords

Neural Networks, Artificial Neuron Models, Spiking Neural Networks, STDP, Catastrophic Forgetting, Neuroscience

(These are my research fields when I was a student of Univ.)